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Journal Publications


24. Kechao Tang, Kaichen Dong, Jiachen Li, Madeleine P. Gordon, Finnegan G. Reichertz, Hyungjin Kim, Yoonsoo Rho, Qingjun Wang, Chang-Yu Lin, Costas P. Grigoropoulos, Ali Javey, Jeffrey J. Urban, Jie Yao, Ronnen Levinson, Junqiao Wu*, "Temperature-adaptive radiative coating for all-season household thermal regulation" Science 374, 1504-1509, 2021

23. Sivacarendran Balendhran, Zakir Hussain, Vivek R. Shrestha, Jasper Cadusch, Ming Ye, Nima Sefidmooye Azar, Hyungjin Kim, Rajesh Ramanathan, James Bullock, Ali Javey, Vipul Bansal*, Kenneth B. Crozier*, "Copper tetracyanoquinodimethane (CuTCNQ): A metal-organic semiconductor for room-temperature visible to long-wave infrared photodetection" ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 38544-38552, 2021

22. Hyungjin Kim, Shiekh Zia Uddin, Der-Hsien Lien, Matthew Yeh, Nima Sefidmooye Azar, Sivacarendran Balendhran, Taehun Kim, Niharika Gupta, Yoonsoo Rho, Costas P. Grigoropoulos, Kenneth B. Crozier, Ali Javey*, "Actively variable-spectrum optoelectronics with black phosphorus" Nature 596, 232-237, 2021

21. Hyungjin Kim†, Shiekh Zia Uddin†, Naoki Higashitarumizu, Eran Rabani, Ali Javey*, "Inhibited nonradiative decay at all exciton densities in monolayer semiconductors" Science 373, 448-452, 2021

20. Chunsong Zhao, Humberto Batiz, Bengisu Yasar, Hyungjin Kim, Wenbo Ji, Mary C. Scott, Daryl C. Chrzan*, Ali Javey*, "Tellurium single-crystal arrays by low-temperature evaporation and crystallization" Advanced Materials 33, 2100860, 2021

19. Hea-Lim Park, Min-Hwi Kim, Hyungjin Kim, Sin-Hyung Lee*, "Self-selective organic memristor by engineered conductive nanofilament diffusion for realization of practical neuromorphic system" Advanced Electronic Materials 7, 2100299, 2021

18. Nima Sefidmooye Azar, James Bullock, Sivacarendran Balendhran, Hyungjin Kim, Ali Javey, Kenneth B. Crozier*, "Light-matter interaction enhancement in anisotropic 2D black phosphorus via polarization-tailoring nano-optics" ACS Photonics 8, 1120-1128, 2021

17. Nima Sefidmooye Azar, James Bullock, Vivek Raj Shrestha, Sivacarendran Balendhran, Wei Yan, Hyungjin Kim, Ali Javey, Kenneth B. Crozier*, "Long-wave infrared photodetectors based on 2D platinum diselenide atop optical cavity substrates" ACS Nano 15, 6573-6581, 2021


16. Shiekh Zia Uddin†, Hyungjin Kim†, Monica Lorenzon, Matthew Yeh, Der-Hsien Lien, Edward S. Barnard, Han Htoon, Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Ali Javey*, "Neutral exciton diffusion in monolayer MoS2" ACS Nano 14, 13433-13440, 2020

15. Joy Cho, Matin Amani, Der-Hsien Lien, Hyungjin Kim, Matthew Yeh, Vivian Wang, Chaoliang Tan, Ali Javey*, "Centimeter-scale and visible wavelength monolayer light-emitting devices" Advanced Functional Materials 30, 1907941, 2020


14. Hyungjin Kim†, Geun Ho Ahn†, Joy Cho, Matin Amani, James P. Mastandrea, Catherine K. Groschner, Der-Hsien Lien, Yingbo Zhao, Joel W. Ager III, Mary C. Scott, Daryl C. Chrzan, Ali Javey*, "Synthetic WSe2 monolayers with high photoluminescence quantum yield" Science Advances 5, eaau4728, 2019

13. Der-Hsien Lien†, Shiekh Zia Uddin†, Matthew Yeh, Matin Amani, Hyungjin Kim, Joel W. Ager III, Eli Yablonovitch, Ali Javey*, "Electrical suppression of all nonradiative recombination pathways in monolayer semiconductors" Science 364, 468-471, 2019

12. Huijuan Zhao†, Yingbo Zhao†, Yinxuan Song†, Ming Zhou, Wei Lv, Liu Tao, Yuzhang Feng, Biying Song, Yue Ma, Junqing Zhang, Jun Xiao, Ying Wang, Der-Hsien Lien, Matin Amani, Hyungjin Kim, Xiaoqing Chen, Zhangting Wu, Zhenhua Ni, Peng Wang, Yi Shi, Haibo Ma*, Xiang Zhang, Jian-Bin Xu, Alessandro Troisi, Ali Javey*, Xinran Wang*, "Strong optical response and light emission from a monolayer molecular crystal" Nature Communications 10, 5589, 2019

11. Sujay B. Desai, Hossain M. Fahad, Theodor Lundberg, Gregory Pitner, Hyungjin Kim, Daryl Chrzan, H.-S. Philip Wong, Ali Javey*, "Gate quantum capacitance effects in nanoscale transistors" Nano Letters 19, 7130-7137, 2019

10. Peida Zhao, Ruixuan Wang, Der-Hsien Lien, Yingbo Zhao, Hyungjin Kim, Joy Cho, Geun Ho Ahn, Ali Javey*, "Scanning probe lithography patterning of monolayer semiconductors and application in quantifying edge recombination" Advanced Materials 31, 1900136, 2019

9. Kevin Han*, Geun Ho Ahn, Joy Cho, Der-Hsien Lien, Matin Amani, Sujay B. Desai, George Zhang, Hyungjin Kim, Niharika Gupta, Ali Javey, Ming C. Wu, "Bright electroluminescence in ambient conditions from WSe2 p-n diodes using pulsed injection" Applied Physics Letters 115, 011103, 2019

8. George Zhang, Matin Amani, Apoorva Chaturvedi, Chaoliang Tan, James Bullock, Xiaohui Song, Hyungjin Kim, Der-Hsien Lien, Mary C. Scott, Hua Zhang, Ali Javey*, "Optical and electrical properties of two-dimensional palladium diselenide" Applied Physics Letters 114, 253102, 2019

7. Vu Nguyen, Hannah Gramling, Clarissa Towle, Wan Li, Der-Hsien Lien, Hyungjin Kim, Daryl C. Chrzan, Ali Javey, Ke Xu, Joel Ager, Hayden Taylor*, "Deterministic assembly of arrays of lithographically defined WS2 and MoS2 monolayer features directly from multilayer sources into van der Waals heterostructures" Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing 7, 041006, 2019


6. Hnin Yin Yin Nyein, Li-Chia Tai, Quynh Phuong Ngo, Minghan Chao, George B. Zhang, Wei Gao, Mallika Bariya, James Bullock, Hyungjin Kim, Hossain M. Fahad, Ali Javey*, "A wearable microfluidic sensing patch for dynamic sweat secretion analysis" ACS Sensors 3, 944-952, 2018

5. Matin Amani†, Chaoliang Tan†, George Zhang, Chunsong Zhao, James Bullock, Xiaohui Song, Hyungjin Kim, Vivek Raj Shrestha, Yang Gao, Kenneth B. Crozier, Mary Scott, Ali Javey*, "Solution-synthesized high-mobility tellurium nanoflakes for short-wave infrared photodetectors" ACS Nano 12, 7253-7263, 2018


4. Hyungjin Kim†, Der-Hsien Lien†, Matin Amani, Joel W. Ager, Ali Javey*, "Highly stable near-unity photoluminescence yield in monolayer MoS2 by fluoropolymer encapsulation and superacid treatment" ACS Nano 11, 5179-5185, 2017


3. Bo-Yeon Lee, Jiyoon Kim, Hyungjin Kim, Chiwoo Kim, Sin-Doo Lee*, "Low-cost flexible pressure sensor based on dielectric elastomer film with micro-pores" Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 240, 103-109, 2016

2. Jonghyun Kim, Youngmo Jeong, Hyungjin Kim, Chang-Kun Lee, Byeongmoon Lee, Jisoo Hong, Youngmin Kim, Yongtaek Hong, Sin-Doo Lee, Byoungho Lee*, "F-number matching method in light field microscopy using an elastic micro lens array" Optics Letters 41, 2751-2754, 2016


1. Hyungjin Kim, Jiyoon Kim, Jonghyun Kim, Byoungho Lee, Sin-Doo Lee*, "Liquid crystal-based lenticular lens array with laterally shifting capability of the focusing effect for autostereoscopic displays" Optics Communications 357, 52-57, 2015

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